Just a Sidekick

A webcomic about superheroes and sidekicks and comedy

Main Cast

Real Name: Susan Summers

Codename: Golden Sorceress

Age: 22

Origin of Powers: Magical gem

Powers: flight, energy beams, energy shields, magic 

Biography: sweet and childish, Susan is very new to this "superhero" thing - she only became Tommy/MoonFang's sidekick a few days ago. She seems to be very enthusiastic about the job, in spite of her extreme incompetence 



Real Name: Dana Free

Codename: The Tigress

Age: 22

Origin of Powers: Weretiger

Powers: Enchanted strength, agility and senses, Weretiger form, claws, fangs

Biography: Dana is a roaming supervillain/ henchwoman for hire, who likes to pick up fights with superheroes for fun. She doesn't have a very impressive reputation, although you couldn't tell from her ego



Real Name: Fred Morgenstern

Codename: NONE

Age: 46

Origin of Powers: learned

Powers: demon summoning, protection and control charms

Biography: Fred is just your average guy with no interest in all that superhero stuff: he has a boring office job, a daughter he loves very much... Oh! And he also summons demons as a hobby, but that's not a big deal... Right?



Real Name: Lucy Morgenstern

Codename: NONE

Age: 8

Origin of Powers: NONE

Powers: NONE

Biography: Lucy is Fred's daughter, she's sweet, adventurous and curious (sometimes too much for her own good, considering her dad's hobby)



Real Name: Eric Lightsman

Codename: Luminous Death

Age: 34

Origin of Powers: genetics of family line altered by an Eldrich Abomination

Powers: channel destructive light energy through special staff

Biography: Eric comes from a long line of cultists who worship a terrible god of light and destruction. Unlike most others in the cult, Eric mostly stick around for the sake of family tradition, and he's actually a very friendly, outgoing and supportive guy


Real Name: Elizabeth Wakahisa

Codename: Black Angel

Age: 34

Origin of Powers: Freak Lab Accident

Powers: Enchanted strength and durability, gliding wings

Biography: Eric's best childhood friend, their ways separated after high school. She sure was... A lot less bitter and grumpy when they last met



Real Name: Experiment 56844A53

Codename: The Lady of the Snakes

Age: 36

Origin of Powers: Genetically and magically engineered creation

Powers: enchanted abilities, producing snakes from her body, commanding snakes, changing into a more monstrous snake forms

Biography: created by a mad scientist who believed snakes are the superior race, Lady is determined to destroy the human race and TAKE OVER THE WORLD but she's not very good at it


Real Name: Angela Lightsman

Codename: Glitter Skull

Age: 12

Origin of Powers: genetics of family line altered by an Eldrich Abomination

Powers: channel destructive light energy through special staff

Biography: Angela's dad (Eric's brother) tried to reject his family ways and made himself a "normal family". Angela, however, always liked funny Uncle Eric and had ran away from home to become his supervillainous sidekick


Real Name: Alexis LaBlanc

Codename: NONE

Age: 1205 (biologically 8)

Origin of Powers: vampire

Powers: enchanted abilities, bat form

Biography: Alexis quitted from their job as Tommy's sidekick since they felt that they weren't respected. Even though they are over a thousand years old, people still treats them as a little kid - if not ignoring then outright. That's not why they're such a grumpy, bitter nerd, though, they're just naturally like




Real Name: Natalia Zolnerowich

Codename: Green Flame

Age: 26

Origin of Powers: Freak Lab Accident

Powers: Flight, enchanted strength and durability, heat-sense, flames (hot, cold, acidic)

Biography: The city's favorite superhero and the only A-list around, Natalia still prefers to hang around her lesser known friends. She has a bit of a reputation for being full of herself


Real Name: Dolores Smith

Codename: Magma Gun

Age: 83

Origin of Powers: NONE (gadget-based)

Powers: guns. That shoot magma (and sometimes energy blasts)

Biography: Natalia's grandmother, and a retired superhero herself. Dolores has a young-at-heart attitude, but even she had to admit that she's not as spry as she used to be.


Real Name: Tommy Peters

Codename: Moon Fang

Age: 24

Origin of Powers: werewolf

Powers: Enchanted strength, agility and senses, werewolf form, claws, fangs 

Biography: Dolores' former sidekick, Alexis' former mentor and Natalia's best friend - Tommy is generally one of the nicest guys around, although Susan, his new sidekick, is seriously testing his patience